The story's shared by DaBaby and DaniLeigh Live With Their Long-Distance Shared On Instagram Live And Now Theyve Shared Their Story

The story's shared by DaBaby and DaniLeigh Live With Their Long-Distance Shared On Instagram Live An ...

The two argued on Instagram and DaniLeigh figured out how to get into that relationship. A new chapter was added to the story on Sunday night, as well as the arguing on Sunday evening, while DaBaby appeared to call the police on DaniLeigh, who is one of his children's mothers.

When they met in bed for the first time, they began to argue in bed while DaniLeigh fed their daughter. Like Rolling Stone said, The pair argued back and forth, and concluded that DaniLeigh had a desire to leave a lot of time since the birth of his daughter, and that he then called the police to tell them that they would have forgotten to leave.

Once the incident ended in the incident, both DaBaby and DaniLeigh took the social media channel to share their photos of events. In a Instagram Story, DaBaby wrote in part: End of the day no big deal I don't want charges pressed or nothing I just want her peacefully removed, which they have to do for the sake of their actions but it's not allowed on display, this does not make it so good. Man it is also good!

He said on Instagram that "i wish that this girl had a say, "That girl was a real one! She walked away at three months, but I didn't want to know that in the same room he should have known himself," she said, "and now, he wants to be my father... to be the man... and the family I have been living together recently, and so as to get my child out of his home at $3 million."

Watch the video above and find the post here.

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