Roast Thanksgiving turkey: Just what you have to know for a perfect bird, so you have your right to roast turkey! How to roast turkey turkey: Everything you have to know for a perfect bird!

Roast Thanksgiving turkey: Just what you have to know for a perfect bird, so you have your right to  ...

The holiday table is almost here. And for most people, the turkey is the focal point of the holiday table. But getting it to the table raises many questions: How much can I buy? How long can it be?

You're asking us to answer your questions!

How much turkey do I have to buy?

Unlike a frozen and fresh turkey, the best selection can be found seven days before Thanksgiving, and the meat department will offer a good selection of fresh and frozen meat for the most likely size of the store.

With more than one cup of turkey per serving, people who eat or cook a turkey with one full pound, or have less than a cup of turkey for one person.

How long can it take for frozen turkey to thaw?

The safest method to thaw turkey is in the refrigerator, which can be used at room temperature or in a sink of warm water. Too quickly bacteria multiply.

Allow for another day, as is a four-pound container (in a 45 angle refrigerator).

So: Do not forget this:

12-pound turkey = 3 days to thaw (purchase by Monday morning of Thanksgiving-week)

16 pounder = 4 days to thaw (purchase by Sunday morning of Thanksgiving week).

You bought my frozen turkey late.Now what?

Use the quick-thaw method: method:

Put the turkey in the original packaging. Let it soak in COLD water never warm. Change the icy water every 30 to 60 minutes. This takes 30 minutes per pound and six hours for a 12-pound bird. Once thawed, the freezer is safe in the refrigerator for three or four days before cooking.

Is it safe to stuff the turkey?

The pitfalls are, the best way to prepare and bake is by choosing a baking dish separately.

If you want to add water, take all three of these precautions, which use the magic number 165 degrees - in your head if you do the stuffing of the turkey.

1. Always make sure the stuffing is hot before spooning it into a cavity, so it can reach a safe temperature of 165 degrees.

2. Don't overpack the stuff in the bird, and use an instant-read thermometer to ensure that the stuffing reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

If the turkey is finished on until the stuffing reaches 165 degrees - spoon the stuffing into a dish and finish baking it while the rest of the turkey. (Yes, the right thing is, that the turkey is safe anyway.)

How long will turkey roast?

Place the turkey breasts in a roasting pan from 2 to 2 inches deep. Brush or rub the skin with oil to enhance the golden colour.

Pour the oven to 325C, and follow this roasting guide.

Turkish roasting time roasted.

If it's ready to chop, he will save it 20 to 30 minutes and remove it from the oven.

Is a brined turkey really better?

Brining is easy to make with your turkey easier to make. It makes it a bit easier to add flavor and moisture to your turkey.

In addition to the fresh or thawed turkey, you should use a fresh or thawed turkey. You should try to avoid self-basting turkeys which have been mixed with salt, and kosher turkeys, which have already been salted.

The most basic brine solution is 1 cup salt or 1 cup table salt, 2 gallon of cold water.

Add salt and sugar together, like one cup puree or 1 cup sugar, or 1 cup juice, bay leaves, dried thyme, garlic, allspice berries, peppercorns and the peel of one orange. Stir everything together until the salt and sugar dissolve.

The Chez Panisse Turkey Brine is one of our favorite favorites.

You can also try The Pioneer Womans Favorite Turkey Brine, which calls for apple juice and orange peel.

Why don't you want to follow on the easy route? You can buy brine mixes in a large number of stores.

If your brine recipe calls for heating the brine, make sure it is cold before you add the turkey. Warm brine encourages bacteria to grow.

Salt has got to be easier. The best way to brine turkey is springing for a special large brining bag - which is different to roasting chicken meat.

Put the turkey in the bag and pour in the cold brine. Close the bag and put the turkey in a roasting pan in the refrigerator.

There may be a full-burning meal. Turn it at once.

After cutting a turkey from the brine, rinse well from inside and out in cool water. (Clean your sink and counters with mild bleach solution 1 teaspoon bleach and 1 quart water).

Please do not salt the turkey after brining and dont add salt to your stuffing to avoid sticking your stuffing into the birds. Or, anything made from drippings, but if you plan to put it in the bird.

To protect against the brine, you will need to protect your turkey against the temptation of a tiger.

Now that the meal ends, what then do I need to leave everything?

Take away food that has been at room temperature longer than two hours.

If you want to save the meat for broth, refrigerate it separately.

Double tap the tap with a mild bleach solution, 1 teaspoon bleach to 1 quart of water.

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