During the period of Grand Rapids Catholic Central Hockey, a voice from former grand grandpa Catholic in Grand Rapids was transmitted by the microphone to the CMU

During the period of Grand Rapids Catholic Central Hockey, a voice from former grand grandpa Catholi ...

Regan Cleves introduced to broadcasting and called the games for Grand Rapids Catholic Centrals hockey team in the past three seasons.

The Cougars run at the state championship last year, including the 3-1 loss of Catholic Central to Flint Powers at the Munn Ice Arena. Cleves, who graduated from Catholic Central this spring, rang the microphone when the Cougars said they were going to run the state championship a year ago. The Cougars also stifled their 3-1 loss to the Flint Powers Catholic at Michigan State University's Munn Ice Arena.

The emotions of that game went with that. What he said is it, Infortunately, we did not win, Cleves said. But for this reason, it was enough for me to call for Catholic Central, my final game, I affirmed the purpose of going for an open table, but I was lucky, when I played this game last.

As a freshman, he has the experience of the CMU Club Hockey Network. He was part of the same team who broadcasts the Division III games in Mt. Pleasant, where he attended Central Michigan University, a broadcasting activity for the CMU's FC-Chucklen.

The story is of Randy Cleves, the son of the Grand Rapids Griffins who ran the show when he was in the city of Grand Rapids. Although his story is a mere coincidence, Cleves has gone ahead in the day off in a quiet corner with his voice in the playroom at the Van Andel Arena and in the neighborhood of Grand Rapids.

What was the story of my eighth grade year when I went to an open skating in Griffs Ice House, and that was how I had to, he started his conversation. That turned out to be my eighth grade year, and I found out that he was blind, and that he figured out what had happened to the Griffins.

I thought that he listens to the loud, percussion instrument from the radio, really cool. How can I make people more nice? And how do I can do that for other people? That led me to want to broadcast.

The photo below shows a Catholic Central/West Catholic baseball game in 2021 in Comstock Park, Min.

I wonder if Cleves was younger. Cleves has grown to a major in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts at Central Michigan, and he's also pursuing a Minor in Statistics and Sports Management. While his passion for hockey came from his father, he quickly lauded his mother for bringing him to the Griffins game.

I always joke about my wife that her passion for hockey was her fault because she was the one bringing him to games, Randy Cleves said. I was working the games, so don't blame me. She brought him all those nights.

Enlisted by the Southside Ice Arena in Byron Center, Cleves also started a baseball league at Atlanta, his sophomore year of high school. In addition to his resume, he includes the Grand Rapids Sled Wings, a mens hockey league at Griffs IceHouse West in Holland and the 2021 USA Hockey U16 Tier II National Championship.

In my sophomore year, the school sent out an email to all of the students in exchange for the usual announcements, 'Hey, the sports,' and asked him to discuss his thoughts and ideas. They did not have any hesitation recommending that me to the football club. They basically set me up.

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