Dream follows Bay County woman who won $11.6M lottery jackpot with wife, who was born dreaming

Dream follows Bay County woman who won $11.6M lottery jackpot with wife, who was born dreaming ...

A Bay County woman asked her husband to understand what she was looking for after winning a $1.63 million Lotto 47 jackpot.

When I checked my ticket on Halloween, I couldn't tell if my husband looked up. I asked for to keep my husband anonymous. Just to be sure that I wasn't dreaming.

There have definitely felt like a dream! You always think of winning, but I don't know I thought I would ever think it would happen. Having definitely felt like a dream!

The lucky winner matched all six numbers drawn for the Lotto 47 draw held on Saturday, Oct. 30, to win the prize. The winner bought her ticket at the Dores Party in Kawkawlin, the 2nd North Huron Building.

She recently visited the lottery facility in Lansing to claim the prize. The winner elected to pay her winnings on a one-time lump sum of approximately $1 million rather than the annuity. With her winnings, she plans to invest in her retirement.

Check out the official Michigan Lottery website for the latest information on Michigan Lottery. It also offers more information about instant tickets, raffles, and other lottery games.

The only player from Michigan who won a Mega-Millions or Powerball jackpot is the Wolverine FLL lottery club who claimed a $1.05 billion jackpot in March. The group plans to give back to the community.

The money came from the state's school grant fund. Unlike the winner who was lucky winners, it's smart for players to check their tickets immediately. The winning of $1 million sold in Hartland in 2019 didn't be unclaimed.

The author of The History of a lottery that he has been to the United States to win a big lottery prize, Richard Lustig has collected nearly a million dollars from the author of Ail Time To Be The Next Yarrow book.

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