This section "Sesame Street" is adding Asian-American Muppets In Its 52 Year History. It's Adding An Asian-American Muppet For The First Time In The Second Generation

This section "Sesame Street" is adding Asian-American Muppets In Its 52 Year History. It's Adding An ...

"See us Coming Together: A Sesame Street special". A new neighbor moves on into the street where the "air is sweet." After 52 years of air, Sesame Street will add its first AAPI--American and Pacific Islander-MUppet, a 7-year-old Korean-American named Ji-Young, the young girl is going to be performed by Kathleen Kim, Sesame's new puppeteer.

While Sesame Street is saving Ji-Youngs big introduction for the special, the show already shared some thoughts about his newest (and most charming) resident. According to AP, Ji-Young is an avid electric guitarist with a passion for skateboarding, and her personality is on her puppeteer's account, Kim, and as well as her story why so she chose to live on Sesame street with a number of different people?

Ji-Young said during a recent interview that although he was looking up, you're looking at what is also said by Ji, "So it was good that in Korean tradition the two syllables mean anything different and that Ji means, like smart or wise, and Young means, like, brave or courageous and strong."

The actor, named Muraoka, is the oldest Asian-American, and most recent to join the show at this time of year. The actor, named "Joy-Young's first child" is her younger daughter. "She's a Japanese-American, not to be first in the role of Captain Koet, the owner of the Hooper's Store," is to follow their long-time love and heirloom of a character. "You're having a tough time and are to

Those who have not heard why the show decided to introduce Ji-Young, the director of Creative and Production for Sesame Workshop, Kay Wilson Stallings said it was a direct response to this years increase in anti-Asian hate crimes and the increasing need for childrens childrens shows to address racism. According to Stallings, the company reflected on how they could a moment start, and said that if they were going to address the treatment of AAPI people, they needed

It is certainly something even Ted Cruz cant challenge on.

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