According to Oprahs interview with Adele, the four most personal revelations, most personal statements and data from Oprahs interview with Adele, were four

According to Oprahs interview with Adele, the four most personal revelations, most personal statemen ...

Unlike the original Oprah Winfrey show, she was not even talking with the Duke and Queen of Sussex in a bombshell special. Having spent the entire day a dozen thousand minutes in prime time, the show didn't show off so much to anyone.

After his release of her highly anticipated fourth album 30 this week, Adele sang the best - for the night at the Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles, a mix of 10 old and new songs in total (from Hello, Rolling in the Deep, Make You Feel My Love to the latest album Sylvies in the Moon, Meds One Night Only and Easy on Me.

At one of the best ten interviews, the camera shook the camera as when he asked about her divorce, his much-discussed weight loss, her relationship with Rich Paul and more.

1. He's on his final days with his estranged father.

A big difference is between reading about their complicated relationship and watching the movie "Elephane," which was performed in the last press cycle, from Vogue to Rolling Stone. But there wasn't much from this special that you wouldn't know if you read the magazine cover story profiles that Adele has done already in this press cycle, but a big difference is in the story about someone's dying father to listening loudly to him discuss it.

But when Winfrey asked if the true reason for her husband's demise was, and if he had been unable to do it, he said, "My father didn't understand who was an idiot. "But as for the family, there is no doubt that the other person would leave her someday either way."

Then when her father died of cancer in the last few years, they began speaking again. After he had never heard any of his music because he thought it was too emotionally painful, but in spring, when the worse, she insisted he listen to a song about the song "To Be Loved".

"My main goal is to be loved in love" (which I just wanted to play to my dad being like, "He is the reason I haven't done that yet"), " Adele said. "I love people when I can't hear the song, and he listens to his previous songs so well." During his death in May, both people found peace between themselves.

As if the conversation could not get more devastating, Winfrey used to recall the detail in the recent Vogue cover story: "Do you want to sit with the 7-year-old Adele?" And when did you do that, you sat with the 7-year-old Adele?

Adele paused for a long time. "A very sad girl," she said.

Winfrey said. It appeared that another silence ensued.

Adele looked choked up, then instantly snapped out of it. "No." She said, "You're trying to make me cry."

There were protests at Winfrey, as if Adele had never seen a Winfrey interview. But Adele felt it would be hard to say that she could not be where she was today.

She must stand with her divorce and son after divorce.

A friend of the son of Adele, Angelo, said the music was as good as the crowd at Griffith Observatory, where the singer told Winfrey that he was surprised to hear that he had not realized his mom was famous, and then took him to the Taylor Swift show.

He said that he thinks that women were going to feel "liberated" by Adele choosing to leave a marriage that wasn't working instead of stick it out only for his children. "If you didn't make any sense, you wanted to give a happy version of yourself to his son," Winfrey said. "I heard how you said that he was miserable, but it became obvious, that she would be good for how your children could spend a lot of time giving them happy version of themselves."

The couple moved out and immediately went shopping. Adele said she still loves their ex-husband, Simon Koecki, but just recently after the wedding, she realized she was able to budge her own life. In 2017 - they divorced immediately and officially.

Since her childhood, she was fond of an antiquated ideology, and is extremely sick of guilt. Now she does a lot of his own work and feels bad, and can do that in a house, right in the right direction.

Adele hopes her son understands her painful choice someday.

"I never questioned whether I'd made a bad decision," she said later. "But I had the feeling that - maybe it would've been better if I didn't tell our mouth?.. :... just to hurt two people that love most of the world."

3 How do you feel about her weight loss? 3. How do you feel about fans?

The singer has lost about 100 pounds since 2019 with the help of a personal trainer to stop the move. (This is one of the few things that shock Winfrey.)

People were able to tell stories about their weight in their own words. Winfrey said that she talked about her most profound self-explanation and that of it, in what it was like to feel like she pushed through the different reactions from people in your shaming.

"I am not surprised or even fazed by it because my body has been objectified my entire career," Adele said, noting that it is not surprising to be "too small" or "too small" no matter what, but so much criticism requires to be dismissed. "For this reason it is hard to make decisions and make decisions," said Adele, saying that no one, who respect their body, was "stuck to anyone" because of their body obnoxious's resentment

Winfrey said that you were fine when you were heavier.

I'm not my job to validate my body's behaviour. And I feel bad I feel that somebody feels bad about themselves. Just as the fact is that that's not mine, I'm trying to get out of my own face. I'll be trying to make the living out. I can't add another worry."

4. His new relationship.

Winfrey thought a lot of fun to refer to Adele's new boyfriend as "super agent" Rich Paul, a real description of a person who represents LeBron James and many NBA players. "I'm blushing!" Adele said at one point, but on the other hand insisted on knowing the details.

Adele said that they met in a birthday party a couple of years ago and hung out alone at a business meeting. (She doesn't buy that: "We are like, 'If what?" ) They started dating this year and went public over the summer.

There's an unbelievable experience watching him do what he does, Adele said.

Since I first learned that relationship,... and got over. Winfrey gave her an early shot.

Adele confirmed: Hello! Thanks! I loved myself. Thank you so much for having walked along with us, Adele said.

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