Calhoun County detectives have asked the public to assist their efforts after opening a cold case in 1988 for a free public search. In spite of the decision to close a 1990 cold case, Calhoun County reopening the cold case, detectives sought public help

Calhoun County detectives have asked the public to assist their efforts after opening a cold case in ...

The Calhoun County Sheriffs Office is reopening the homicide cold case in 1988 and seeking public information.

Students investigated the cold case of James William Burton under Professor Phil Reed. The students quickly identified new leads that put the detectives on target to reopen the homicide case.

On the same day, officials weren't able to identify a deceased body on the 29 Mile Road near V Drive, Homer Township, on Sept. 25, 1988. This was a reported dead body that was found on Sep. 25, 1988, on the 25th of November, 1988. The records were later limited by time. The search was made of a single digit in the area of a body that had been spotted on Sept. 25, 1988; in that time, the police couldn't determine the cause.

The case was reopened in the early 2000s when the body was identified as Burton, but the case went cold again.

The case is now being reopened again after olivet college students helped identify possible leads in the case.

Burton was born on Sept. 16, 1935, in Bland County, Virginia, the youngest of four. He graduated from Narrows High School in 1952, and eventually became a drywall worker in the 1970s, and eventually found his dead body in 1988, Calhoun County.

Detectives are now asking the public to help out the subject of any information related to Burton's cold case. They are working in a cooperative work with the Michigan State Police, and then calling 269-781-0880, if there's any doubt that the case isn't known.


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