The volume for the Golden State Warriors' star Draymond Green To host weekly podcast For Colin Cowherd-IHeartMedia Network The volume is provided by the Network's Golden State Warriors The Star Draymond Green to host the weeklong podcast For the Cowherd-IHeartMedia Network

The volume for the Golden State Warriors' star Draymond Green To host weekly podcast For Colin Cowhe ...

The Volume will host a weekly podcast for the new network Draymond Green.

A second episode of The Draymond Green Show will air each Wednesday during the season. Green will help the company on talent hires and business initiatives, as well as a strategic advisor to The Volume.

The volume was founded last February by Colin Cowherd, the Sports media personality and iHeartMedia, who founded The Volume.

As we continue to build the network, we are constantly looking for people who are unique and fearless. Everybody in the NBA has the potential to benefit from his expertise as both a talent and strategic thinking.

Green is completing his 10th season with the Warriors, who is the NBA's hottest team. Green is a rich man, as well as a talent, but his relentless style of play has often become fiercely treated like opponents, fans and supporters alike.

I wanted to add more players perspective to the stories going out of the league. And the best way I can get into that space is to engage with both haters and fans. I always want to see other talents that the sports world is attracting me in this partnership, and to give them a unique opportunity to discuss their own experiences.

For the Draymond Green Show segments will be Dark Lineup, in which the host picks his most fascinating people of the week; Commissioner Dray, with a new NBA rule he would enforce if appointed commissioner; and Blind Compliments, where Green has to say something nice about randomly selected NBA players.

The Draymond Green Show will be available for video and video along with audio with The Volumes YouTube channel and social media videos.

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