Son of the ex-Panama president - who turned Guatemala from Guatemala to the U.S

Son of the ex-Panama president - who turned Guatemala from Guatemala to the U.S ...

- Guatemala on Monday extradited the son of the former Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli to the United States on Monday, where he and his brother were arrested and resaled for bribery and money laundering in the relation to Odebrecht construction firm.

Luis Enrique Martinelli boarded an extradition flight to the United States a morning while traveling; he was wanted by a federal judge in Brooklyn, New York, on the federal basis.

Luis and his brother Ricardo Alberto Martinelli were arrested in July 2020 in Guatemala City, as they attempted to board a flight to Panama. They were on the verge of restraining order in Guatemala, but their extradition is still pending in a Guatemalan court.

The United States Department of Justice alleges that Martinelli sons were intermediaries for a sum of 24 million dollars to a high-ranking Panama official from 2009 to 2014, the bribes paid by Odebrecht to a oh-ranking official and a senior vice president.

The prosecution of Martinelli ruled out the prosecution. Denis Cuesy, an attorney for Martinelli, said that, if asked about the allegations, U.S. lawyers were now handling the case.

Last week, former president Martinelli was acquitted of wire-tapping charges relating to his time in office. He has spent many years in court and has been acquitted of the charges due to his time in office.

Martinelli hasn't been convicted of any crimes, but he remains subject to certain travel restrictions because of the separate investigation concerning Odebrecht.

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