Al Tariq will make Mk 83 bombs range and precision faster

Al Tariq will make Mk 83 bombs range and precision faster ...

Al Tariq has integrated a wide-range precision-guided munitions kit onto an ounce-long, low-drag, 2000-pound Mk 83 bomb. The device gave the bomb the lonest range of its kind worldwide at 120 kilometers, told Defense News.

The development will be done in the middle of the second quarter of 2022, with flight trials already commenced in Q3 2021, Theunis Botha said. The equipment will be produced at Al Tariq facilities in UAE.

In addition to the munitions kit being driven with the payload, the ongoing trials of the Emirati armed forces have successfully been successful. The weapon kit demonstrated operational capability in its carryload.

The HSLD Mk 83 weapon uses elements that are also found in the Mk 81 and Mk 82 bombs and was publicly displayed on the Dubai Air Show, taking place Nov 14-18 in the United Arab Emirates. The company integrated a GNSS anti-jamming system into the bombs and sold a GNSS missile solution.

The kit also features a new light-of-burst sensor that can be easily simulated, as well as airframe applications in order to enhance strategic infrastructure, such as radar installations.

This new 500-pound warhead is in the final phase of its integration into the weapon. The warhead will defeat hardened targets such as underground bunkers.

Botha confirmed to Defense News that the system is going to be available for export.

Agnes Helou is a Middle East correspondent for Defense News, her interests include missile defense, cybersecurity, interoperability of weapons systems and strategic issues in the Middle East and Gulf.

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