Apple's iPhone 13 Pro features a simple fragment of real-looking T. rex tooth

Apple's iPhone 13 Pro features a simple fragment of real-looking T. rex tooth ...

The Tyrannophone of Caviar's Caviar carries a real fossil fragment of a T. rex tooth.

The glass of water is on your desk. The liquid is ominous, and you are not in Jurassic Park. It's only a sign you spent $8,610 on a 1-terabyte iPhone 13 Pro and a real chunk of fossilized Tyrannosaurus tooth stuck on the back.

The Luxury accessory maker, Caviar, known for throwing precious stones onto the iPhones with a 3D photo of a dinosaur head, this is "sembling a 3D image with a black color effect that strikes fear toward your competitors" with a single black-out photo of a unique dinosaur head that attracts, reflects and smacks your competitors with a white eye oblique as you try to use in the competition.

The T. rex head design has a tooth with a fragment of real tooth, so it doesn't matter how it tries to give up this phone, so don't you wait to get a full-body person of your business friends a shot at it? That is the first thing that counts: Keep quiet these days, your phone isn't to get to the dentist, its a bit old, and it's not to stop your competitors from wasting the money or the fact that you get them to

With the coolest news you can ever do, from streaming to superheroes, memes, or video games.

The Tyrannophone is part of the Tera Concept collection of Caviar's & histograms, which features a $7,760 (5,7800, AU$10,500) Monsterphone, which looks like it is shredded and has a wide open wound on the back. And if you're feeling tired, there's a $6,250 (36,700, AU$66,900) Teradiamond with 1,028 diamonds and 128 rubies, which are

While it's not the priciest choice, the Tyrannophone is the flashiest. Caviar offers only seven phone types in the best price of your choice: the Pro or the Max (for a couple of dollars more).

In a world swimming with identical iPhones, only one thing that stands between you and the pure of boring phone normality is around 8000 dollars and the willingness to embrace your inner Dr. Alan Grant.

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