On holiday, it's an estimated 1,147 cases of COVID, 4 deaths. Positive tests have been increasing since 1997

On holiday, it's an estimated 1,147 cases of COVID, 4 deaths. Positive tests have been increasing si ...

Two months of steady declines, New Jersey reported another 1,147 COVID-19 cases and four confirmed deaths; again, new results show that a test will continue to increase, and the data from the month after year.

For the first time the month-over-month comparison has increased since Oct. 1 - the average of seven days of the Garden State study has increased to 1,386 - roughly 30% from last week and 5% from last month. The average metric of this week's test was three times higher than one month ago.

On Sunday, 664 patients had been hospitalized with confirmed or suspected coronavirus cases reported in New Jersey hospitals as of Sunday night, though no one commented on the report, in four of the states 71 hospitals, all of which did not report data from Sunday night; Of those who were hospitalized, 129 patients were on ventilators, and 60 were on ventilators.

In any case, the transmission rate is one at least 1 in the number of transmissions, as the first reported a few days. The response rate for the tests conducted last Wednesday, 3.91% the lowest of the last days yet. The state's dashboard was not updated as a month now and isn't updated on Monday. The transmission rate was 1 on Sunday and Saturday, meaning. If infected people pass the virus to at least one another, transmission rate is greater than 4%.

The Gov. Phil Murphy warned the figures may jump again if it's not cooler and more people come inside and eat food for the holidays.

The probable deaths increased Monday by one, the more likely deaths are increased Monday.

The state has the third largest coronavirus deaths per capita in the US, behind Mississippi and Alabama.

New Jersey reported an estimated 11.059,828 confirmed cases out of 16 million PCR tests that have been conducted since March 4, 2020. The state reported more than 159,940 positive antigen or rapid tests, which are considered probable cases.

The delta variant of the virus, which is more contagious than its previous variants, represents 100% of all cases circulating, state health official said.

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Many people who live, work or study in New Jersey - a state of about 9,2 million residents have now been vaccinated with fully vaccinated.

Nearly 7 million people have received at least one dose, and about 906 people have received third or third doses or boosters.

The number of cases in the school is double, and one cannot remember every active infection.

Within school's four-hour periods, three or more cases are determined by contact tracing as if it had spread between staff and students while at school. They are no longer excluded from the entire field of study.

The CDC recommends all people in high and substantial transmission areas should wear masks regardless of vaccination status.

According to state data, at least 8 657 of the states COVID-19 deaths have been among residents and staff at nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. The active outbreaks left 657 current cases among residents and 547 staffers.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 80,000 positive COVID-19 cases have been reported worldwide, with more than 5.1 million people have died due to the virus. The US has reported the most cases (more than 47 million) and more deaths (more than 763,000) of any nation.

In total, almost 7.5 billion vaccines are administered globally.

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