As a result, DeVonta Smith went for his birthday with the win over Broncos on Sunday afternoon, and gave her a birthday wish on Sunday, in Sunday's win against the Broncos

As a result, DeVonta Smith went for his birthday with the win over Broncos on Sunday afternoon, and  ...

DENVER As a result, DeVonta Smith and the Denver Broncos cornerback Patrick Surtain matched again.

The second round picks have had their share of games when they went to the University of Alabama, but now they went head to head, vying for a pass from the Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts threw that was headed for Mile High.

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In order to get the ball, Smith had to bring it before his first two touchdowns.

In spite of the impressive reception, Smith did take the 69 yards with a touchdown before he could celebrate his 23rd birthday. Hes own big-worse in the past 30-13, but thats the one thing that Smith wanted to take as a present.

Smith said. A win. That is all I wanted

Smith said his birthday didn't play a part in him having a good game - instead, he wanted to emulate the whole work that he and his teammates did this week to prepare for the Broncos. Smith quickly credit Hurts for the chance to get the ball up and get the ball.

That's what we always talk about when we always trust each other, and was my trust.

Smith said Smith and the rookie cornerback talked about a potential matchup between the two for the last couple of years.

We always talked about being able to compete with each other, Smith said. We were both competing together, making each other better once again.

He said that Smith could play because of his long body frame, who was not surprised by his ability to come down with the catch was James, a head coach. Those who were not surprised that Smith came down with the catch were Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni.

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He walked up and played for the title against Patrick Surtain, and then put on the right spot, then came up and made a play. I know the size of his tall, but his arms have long, Sirianni said. Hes just a good football player. He is, after that, a lot of reps from other players. When he came out to play against Patrick Surtain, he came in for the first time, and he was able to make a play

Sirianni added that it wasn't just that play that showed Smiths talents, Sirianni even mentioned that some of the other patterns he ran, especially underneath.

A dynamic team would be capable of sustaining a dynamic quarterback receiver. The more he and Hurts play together, the more chemistry will prove to them.

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