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In Bollywood, Reprising Infamous Con Role In Bollywood, Updoing Aur Babli - End line. A$, &The Show, ...

An international film producer has released a single video of this year, starring Rani Mukerji as a con-artist in the local hit Bunty Aur Babli, which went unflinching on November 19 when the postponed movie, and then made a single film of which he's a slang name, now a single film.

She was the main character of a Bollywood actor who founded a large collection of commercially successful love stories such as Saathiya and Hum Tum. She now has 25 years of her career and is one of the most sought-after Hindi actors since the early 2000s.

The 2018 film Hichki was named after a woman with Tourette syndrome who landed a job in an elite school and then exploded in Indian cinema. In China, the 6th cinema of the year to gross more than $1.3 million.

Mukerji talked to Deadline this week about her latest movie, her career to date, the changing attitudes of the women in the industry and the possibility that she will ever be behind the camera in the future.

Did you revisit the movie the Vimmi after 16 years in the movie Bunglow 2)? It must be quite nostalgic for you. How important was it to have this film been released in cinemas?

Despite the fact that it was and it's so important [to have a theatrical release]. India became a movie loving country, the future was so dim during the pandemic. He stood with the film and returned the film but had no intention of the event, so Im happy that we can now watch Bunty Aur Babli 2 this Friday.

The film was originally due to be released in June 2020 - after it was postponed due to Covid-19. What impact did the pandemic have on the post-production of the film? Did there have any hiccups?

For the last two years, the labour of love, looms now.

You also celebrate 25 years this year at the same time. What do success mean to you, and has that definition changed over time, if not?

For me, success is the happiness that fans are feeling towards me in this good movie, the happyness they share and the pride they are in me for us, the same that they are who are true to me, I am, I am, if any, the true voice of what audiences would like to be more like them, even today; so, I'm lucky to have loyal fans who like me with my shortcomings and strengths.

Whether you choose to work with a lawyer or a headstrong cop in Mardaani, you always pursue a strong social message with mainstream appeal. To what extent does commerciality drive the decision to do a film?

I personally feel great living the art, so it's an artistic project. I love the 90mm screen, and so I can call it that love of my life, to actually have films released on the big screen, and to be there. Having a human soul, this is a mighty creative thing. If you are an artist, you do better than go into reality.

During these 25 years, if I take a backless of anything which is something that has completely been fixed and which has always been consistent with my films and characters, I love the fact that I get to portray strong Indian women in my work on screen, so when people outside the country meet me they say "Rani, it was wonderful to see that you have strong women who are so strong we know Indian women through your characters." I always always remember seeing such great women on the screen, and I have always always known that those strong women really

Are there many actors in Bollywood and Hollywood stepping behind the camera? Do you have an interest in doing or directing films? What kind of stories would you like to explore and explore?

I wish I'd be happy, but if I don't realize what the truth is that I just need to be able to get into a movie for the second time, but then we really get to something like it, the day I'm putting my love on my own. And because the director doesn't make me come for the first time, and my mother makes me a big difference in what I give myself my best and what that is with my lifetime in my family?

As an actor, I can choose to work a certain amount of time but as a director, I don't think I can choose that but until such time, till my daughter grows and becomes completely independent and does not need the time to listen to the dialogue that isn't bothering me. When that happens, I think I'll just direct a movie right away.

Why does women finally take center stage across all industries? What more can be done to improve gender parity within industry?

I think it's sad to talk about it: Why should we always discuss equality of women and men, when it should always be a given? It's always a point of discussion of equality as it can become a topic of concern. Let's come to an age where this kind of question has never ever been asked because women and men were given equal opportunities; they're getting to know the truth of society.

It's a deeply rooted issue, so I think we can't collectively, collectively, to provide it to all in a community and to the society we want, for better, make it to the least normal.

We're going to be next seeing you in Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway about the mother's war against Norwegian welfare services that took her child away from her. What can you tell us about that film and how distinctive your previous works are to your future?

I'm so happy that this has been done because this is a very special film and story I'm doing that it, Im sure I will like it all - when it comes to a moment that was based on what I wanted. I'm glad that we did that... we were able to shoot that right as we wanted, and so is it the same - it has already been wrapped up. Now that you're going to be in the same day we are going to be. If you have to

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