The benedict leaves no vaccine for care homes

The benedict leaves no vaccine for care homes ...

BERLIN, November 15 - The parties planning for the end of the pact forming the next government agreed to tighten the protection of the care home against the coronavirus by introducing a daily test requirement for visitors and staff, but kept short of making vaccination compulsory.

Kathrin Goering-Eckardt said she personally would've wanted to discuss compuslory vaccination, highlighting a dividing line among the would-be government between her party and Social Democrats one, and the more liberal-leaning Free Democratas one.

"I personally think we should discuss this." "Never "to agree on a vaccine obligation," she told reporters on Monday. "Considern, I think it is important that I discuss this."

Europe's highest infection rate led many countries to reimpose a lockdown and tighten up the vaccination and test and vaccine rules. European regional leaders will discuss their next steps on Thursday.


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