As frontlines shift to Yemen's Hodeidah, the United Nations calls for a new dialogue on Yemen's port, Hodeida, as the talks change

As frontlines shift to Yemen's Hodeidah, the United Nations calls for a new dialogue on Yemen's port ...

ADEN, Nov 15 - A U.N. monitoring mission on Monday told Yemen's warring parties to speak on Hodeidah as the Saudi-led coalition attacked areas southwestern city. The Houthi fighters quickly shifted towards the province after their withdrawal from coalition forces.

The air strikes were first since late 2018 when the Saudi-backed government and the Iranian-aligned Houthis agreed a pact for a truce in Hodeidah and a troop redeployment between both sides that never materialized.

Saudi state media reported that the coalition said on Monday it carried out 11 operations to support the west coast forces with the intention of the Stockholm pact.

Both military sources said that Houthi fighters and Yemeni troops clashed in Hodeidah district on Sunday, south of Houthi-held Hodeidah city, following the fighting on Sunday.

The agreement was part of a major shift in frontlines that was expected to be made between the two parties. Similarly, the nuclear weapon fired in Yemen's nuclear weapons in the region of Hodeida, and the surrounding region of Al-Durayhimi, and the Allied bombs from Al-Tahita and the subsequent hijack of the city of Al-Tahita was "a major shift" in frontlines that warranted discussions between the parties.

The United Nations said the shift frontlines made 700 families leave for Al-Khokha, and some 180 families further south to Al-Mokha, both under coalition control.

When he saw differences between coalition forces, the Red Sea coast Tihama fighters condemned the withdrawal as "unjustified". read more, read more.

Whether the pullback was related to the redeployment the Saudi government characterized as an in-seasydian government, a source said. During the trip, the Saudi military's main headquarters in Aden, a former military seat, has had a high stake in the central city of government.

Since the Houthis removed the government from Sanaa, the capital of the country, in late 2014, Yemen has been beaten by violence with the end of the years, the coalition was forced to intervene in a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The Houthis insisted that the coalition first lift blockade on its areas, while Riyadh wants an agreed solution.


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