Doglegs are Hiatus, Alex Stoitsiadis Apologizes for Bessive Relationships In Relationships

Doglegs are Hiatus, Alex Stoitsiadis Apologizes for Bessive Relationships In Relationships ...

Even if the claims were made public over the past week, the narrative about the group, specifically about the singer Alex Stoitsiadis, has changed at the same time, when he has faced multiple repercussions in romantic relationships (like these two and these two), which have also emerged in a statement.

I have said, Over the past couple of days, I saw that my negative habits have affected them. As to what my good behavior meant for me and my work, I felt isolated, even in romantic relationships. I wanted to learn this and improve my actions.

At this point, Stoitsiadis agreed, I have to reflect and work on recognizing and managing these negative patterns of behavior. Sure to those I have hurt. Thank you for all of the greatness of our bandmates, those closest friends, the community who make me accountable.

Search the full statement of Stoitsiadis below.

A message from Alex was sent on behalf of Alex

Dogleg Nov. 15-2021 Dogleg (@leg-dog) November 15, 2021 Dogleg (@leg_dog) November 15, 2021 Dogleg.

The last few days, I have been listening to those who I have wronged and to reading their statements about what my negative behavior has caused them. I have struggled to address these legitimate concerns about my actions adequately.

I would not always worry about other people because I had a lot to choose between these two types of problems. I would routinely put myself over others, not just about the point of the point where I would have talked about our own feelings.

I will not tolerate our bias against others. Despite our current situation, my past, my fears, and my traumas are elicit from each other. Their fate will depend on these standards.

Dogleg will be taking a break. Hopefully, I will take a step back to the next level. I need to reflect and work hard to help with these negative behaviors.

I'm sorry to those I hurt. I wish my bandmates, closest friends, my family and the community for my accountability.


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