Choose seven ways to save money, less energy, and combat climate change

Choose seven ways to save money, less energy, and combat climate change ...

Some tips to help you pursue ecological sustainability from within your home, from simple to much more ambitious. They will also save thousands of dollars on utility bills.

Use your dishwasher.

Even if your dishwasher is a new model, it is faster than the full load load you've been washing. The Energy Star certified dishwasher can save 5,000 gallons of water a year, and is less effective when washing dishes by hand.

Careful washing: What do you save water?

You should be careful in the washing.2.Pay attention to your laundry.

What is huge savings for Washing machines and drying machines, but small hacks like loading up your dryer, leaving you with a more hot dryer, and replacing your dryer with a dryer's icebreakers can be expensive.

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You can use a smart plug.

A cheap and powerful way to make your electronics smart,... and even automate your home-based ecosystem, is to connect them to a smart plug. This new product is very useful, allowing you to keep a close eye on the power bill and other potential issues that aren't in use, and again saving energy consumption.

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Check energy rating when purchasing a new appliance.3.Check Energy Star ratings when buying new appliances.

Energy Stars are awarded to products that give energy efficiency to produce high-efficiency energy efficiency. The average household that uses Energy Star devices can save $575 on energy costs an year.

Learn more about how to save energy at home.

Step into a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats automate the heating and cooling process, offering features that save money and energy. These thermostats make it easier to use their sensors for the energy efficiency of your house.

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Invest in solar energy products.

You can save on energy on the big scale. Solar panels are amazing energy alternatives, but related products, such as device chargers or outdoor solar lights can also save money.

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Will you be able to put on a energy efficient mortgage?

This often overlooked homeowners incentive helps you finance energy efficiency upgrades, lower utility bills and even afford expensive homes.

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