First snow of the season blizzling off Hampshire's hills; First snow brings light sanding into the hills of Sussex County afield: First snow brings light shine in the first snow of the season

First snow of the season blizzling off Hampshire's hills; First snow brings light sanding into the h ...

New Jersey experienced the first ever snow on Monday morning, on High Point State Park in Sussex County, with frozen flakes covering the grass and autumn leaves.

A park employee, Shawn Viggiano, measured 0.25 inches of snow on the ground at the High Point Monument, and snapped several photos to document the Garden States first taste of winter.

The highest point of the parks highest point is 1,800 feet above sea level, so it wouldnt surprise him to see a snowfall around mid-November.

Viggiano said the snow started snowing on a few areas at 1 500 feet elevation. "Everything white from 700 feet up."

Last night, Shawn Viggiano shot this first snow in New Jersey. Today, in the region of Brighton, a light coating of snow fell during highpoint State Park on Monday morning, Nov. 15, 2021, making this the first ever measurable snow of the season.

The national Weather Service forecasted that area has seen snow as early as Oct. 1. The area has seen snow in similar places as long as the average snowfall is 100 centimeters.

The Sussex region usually gets its first inch or more of snow around Dec. 9, weather service reports show.

The light snow that fell on Monday morning in northern Sussex was probably due to a brief shower, which crossed the Poconos in eastern Pennsylvania and put it in the northwestern part of New Jersey, said Patrick O'Hara, a weather meteorologist at the regional forecast office in Mount Holly.

O'Hara said one-third of an inch of snow was reported on Monday in Pocono, Pennsylvania.

He said, too, that it is possible another round of light snow showers could move through northwestern parts of New Jersey by Monday afternoon.

A light layer of snow fell in High Point State Park, early Monday morning, Nov. 15, 2021, making it the first measurable snow in New Jersey. Photo provided by Shawn Viggiano.Shawn Viggiano showed that it's a light coating in the winter. Shawn Viggiano, a photographer, and an photograph provided by Shawn Viggiano.

On Monday it's likely to be a chilly and windy day in New Jersey, but a brief warmup is underway for later this week. On Wednesday - temperatures will rise as close to 60 degrees as the summer goes on, and Thursday - the mid- to upper 60 degrees for the month.

The National Weather Service said Wind gusts on Monday could be about 25 to 30 mph late in the morning and into the afternoon, the National Weather Service said. On Jersey Shore, on which it's impossible to keep a track of wind gusts with 40 mph, the winds are not a slew of 30mph and over the sky.

In this chart, the average date of the first measurable snow in the season is one-tenth of an inch on the ground. Unlike measurable snows, a perforated area is usually measured by local agents.

Current weather radar radar will act the actual weather.

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