Biden, to spend Thanksgiving in Nantucket on Thanksgiving, reviving family tradition. Among the family traditions, Biden will be raising awareness of the Thanksgiving family tradition

Biden, to spend Thanksgiving in Nantucket on Thanksgiving, reviving family tradition. Among the fami ...

According to an earlier report, President Biden is planning to spend Thanksgiving on Nantucket, according to a source familiar with his plans, reviving his family tradition of gathering his family for the holiday on the island.

The source said the timing and location of the visit haven't yet been determined yet.

Biden celebrates Thanksgiving on Nantucket almost every year since 1975. He is not a property owner but rather a tenant because he hosted a family gathering and participated in polar events like the polar plunge.

Since the pandemic led to the death of the holiday on Nantucket last year, he decided to follow the advice of public health experts if large gatherings could spread the virus.

I have a big family I heard a lot about. We do all together, says Biden a year ago. Well, we have a big family and we're not going to just have three of us. Because you can't mix the families.

Since a vaccination has not yet been confirmed, locals feared that the Bidens will return to the island for Thanksgiving with extended pandemic restrictions.

The people who are on Marthas Vineyard know well a presidential visit, theres a cachet of things that come with a presidential visit, said a hotel & resort resort resort.

Greydon Hotel Group owns the upscale Greydon House on Nantucket.

When he arrived in 1975, he arrived in Nantucket to study, and re-entry to Nantucket to study and study before the 1972 car crash killed his first wife and one-year-old daughter, Naomi.

On the occasion, Biden and his grandchildren spotted a dip in the icy water by 2012, while in the sanding of the cold water.

On the island of New York where Beau married his wife and then-vice president, Jill spent the holiday on a diplomatic trip to Europe, according to the New York Times. Since the death of his son, Biden had a brain cancer that led to his death, the original a few years since his death, Biden broke his family tradition with the exception of being a dreadful widow of a friend of the other, the cyborg's first born, a lifelong tumult

Last years trip to Nantucket is a much bigger event than Bidens previous trip. It will involve all the logistical involved in presidential travel.

In the past few years, Kourtney Kardashian has been photographed on the island, toting her children around the bourning streets and eat at the Cru Oyster on Straight Wharf.

There are people that are looking for some downtime, and people here treat them respectfully as it is the same: Drew Barrymores and Gwyneth Paltrows come every summer and walk down the street, and nobody bothers them.

Mark Shanahan, a writer of staff at the office contributed to this report.

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