Vaccinated employees of COVID could earn up to one thousand dollars for a COVID-vaccinated employee, according to Jackson School Board vote - and went up to Jackson School Board vote

Vaccinated employees of COVID could earn up to one thousand dollars for a COVID-vaccinated employee, ...

Jackson Public Schools employees could receive a $1,000 stipend if they have received the vaccine by Dec. 1 for one or two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Jackson School Board is expected to vote on the one-time incentive, which would be paid for with $90,000 of the federal COVID Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund, at its Tuesday, Nov 16 meeting.

The stipend would be paid to all employees, including contract employees, who receive any one of Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

An effective remedy for schools' problem is its emergence on the emergency temporary, despite the rapid growth in education in the school system amounted to the financial repercussions of a reprimand of the emergency temprary standard issued by the OSHA, but now one's leaders believe that some schools have to offer a financial incentive to encourage employees that have previously been skeptical or reluctant to get vaccinated.

The board action document provides a full outline of the action plan on behalf of the workers, which was authored in the document. JPS has met representatives from each bargaining group, as well as our contracted employers. As a result, we believe in a financial support for our staff is the best way to say thank you for our impossible job, and for protecting ourselves, their co-workers, and our students.

Employers who present valid facts of a doctor with an indication of their health history, therefore they might be accepted for this temporary stipend.

The board actions request notes that all employees are required to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B if it is a religious exemption for a person who does not get a vaccinated for a person who claims a religious exemption to vaccination, an established pattern of religious exemption must be consistent with other vaccinations, the board action request notes.

The established pattern should also be accompanied by a statement of the position or document from the organized religion against the vaccinations, which makes the employee considered qualified to the time payee.

JPS has been actively encouraging staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19, providing multiple paid days off to participate in vaccination clinics, Beal said.

"We believe that there is a substantial return on investment to providing a financial incentive to encourage the employees who were skeptical or hesitant as well as those who have already participated in order to keep our staff healthy and in the classrooms," Beal said.

The congressional Congressional Committee stopped the decision on November 6 on the Fifth, Sept. 10 the Supreme Court of Justice of the United States affirmed that the government agreed with a resolution of the 5th and 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday, Nov. 6.

The White House demands the pause be lifted until the mandate is established and contested, and said any claims of harm are premature given the Jan. 4 deadline to federally mandate vaccinations for all employers with 100 or more workers.

The deadline is Jan. 4:2022 for a full vaccination, he said.

JPS recently reinstated its indoor mask mandate for staff and students, following an increase in COVID-19 cases in the school district and the Jackson community. Beal said the mask mandate is applicable to all indoor activities for students and staff until further notice.


The mandate for vaccination does void the strict legal question of human rights law regarding involvement of employers in work.

Jackson Public Schools reinstates mask mandate after increase in COVID-19 cases.

Increase in COVID cases causes Columbia schools to cancel classes because of an increase in COVID cases.

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