Emirates flydubai says nighing legitimate travellers doesn't transport refugees as far as it travels to Belarus. Migrants fly to Belarus as Belarus travels only to Libya's west

Emirates flydubai says nighing legitimate travellers doesn't transport refugees as far as it travels ...

The official of the Emirati airline flydubai, which operates a daily flight to Minsk, said on Monday that only passengers can get passengers with valid travel documents before leaving. But acknowledged that some could hide their true reason for travelling.

The European Union threatening to sanctions those airline that were found to transport migrants who then seek illegally from Belarus to the bloc.

European foreign ministers met in Brussels on Monday to agree an additional sanctions against Belarus over the crisis. Nearly 4,000 people were left behind in freezing forests on the Belarusian border with Poland. read more about this experience.

"Nobody likes to see those things, but as for the transport to Minsk, every passenger we transport has the right documentation, the right visa," said Ghaith Al Ghaith, at the Dubai Air Show.

"We never carried illegal passenger" according to the rules in operation on the day of flight, said he.


He said it should not be difficult for governments to work closely with airlines to identify illegitimate passengers as people's intents.

As I can say, there aren't some tools on our hands. People cannot know who's who and if there were people who had been struggling, we're so sorry" Al Ghaith said.

The airline, owned by the government of Dubai, expanded direct flights to Minsk in mid-September from several flights a week to a daily service according to the website flightradar24.

The airline often shows that no seats on the flight or air fares for sale are far higher than comparable routes. Despite demand, Ghaith said, air fares were driven by demand, but he doesn't know why demand for Minsk was so high.

Reuters video shows flydubai boarding passes among possessions left by migrants on Polish border.

The EU accuses Minsk of taking a call to retaliation for the sanctions against Belarus over human rights abuses in Belarus.

Belavia said on Monday that UAE barred Afghan, Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni citizens from boarding flights to Minsk by jet. No confirmation of UAE was available.

On Monday, the airline fares to Minsk in one-way economy decreased from 2 to 310 on the website of Flydubai, which showed unavailable airfares for Minsk, dropped from 2 to 310 following the Belavia disclosure.


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