Lasso, president of Ecuador, appointed new army commanders

Lasso, president of Ecuador, appointed new army commanders ...

QUITO, Nov 15 - After a prison raid in which a former chief of the army was resigned, a new head of the union resigned, after dozens of prisoners died.

The move to Ecuador's military command follows recent incidents of violence in the prison Penitenciaria del Litoral, in the city of Guayaquil.

According to the government, fighting between the criminal groups within the prison started over the weekend. With the closure of 68 prisoners and 25 injured, the government said.

Lasso accepted the resignation of Vice Admiral Jorge Cabrera, who is the general manager of Ecuador's joint command of the armed forces, and appointed Orlando Fabian Fuel to replace him, the president's communications office said on Sunday.

He appointed Luis Burbano as new army commander while taking out Fausto Cobo, head of the SNAI, as head of the intelligence services.

The government declared a 60-day emergency state in September in Ecuador's prisons to help the country's state of emergency and the country's prisons in place of violence - allowing for military assistance in jails.

Lasso invites the constitution court to allow the military to enter prisons, instead of providing just outside security. The court said that to alleviate the prison crisis, a solution would have more than a temporary emergency.

Crime carries an unidentified side of a prison.

In 2014, the jail in which nearly 119 inmates were killed at the end of September was the worst incident of prison violence.

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