Adele helped a man pull off a lovely Surprise Proposal in his Concert Special During her Concert Special, the man of this type took a huge boost from her surprise - During her Concert Special Adele helped the guy in her handle assisting the man pull off a beautiful Surprise Proposal - During the party Special, she gave her a concert Special

Adele helped a man pull off a lovely Surprise Proposal in his Concert Special During her Concert Spe ...

While this is a surprise, Adele's CBS concert/interview special Adele One Night Only aired yesterday and the concert, while the concert and talk with Oprah made a lot of noise. From the moment when Adele helped a guy named Quentin propose to his girlfriend, Ashley, one of the most heartwarming things was.

That is when Adele told her audience. We must make the most of the people out of the gate. If you don't make a noise, I kill you.

When the light was turned down, Quentin escorted Ashley onto the silent stage. What's this, Quentin, she asked as she was led onto the stage with her blindfold and noise-canceling headphones. Also, what are we doing, Quentin, she asked. When did you stop, I hear from the crowd? she told me. What are we doing, Quentin.

Quentin began his proposal, "To thank you for being very patient with me. I'm truly proud of you." And I mean to blow my mind. There is absolutely no one you can do. And I just know you will be an amazing mom to our children one day."

Ashley laughed when she said: Thank God you didn't let me eat. I'd thrown up.

Adele finally raised her eyebrows and asked the woman asked for a tearful yes from the pair. Then, Adele was invited to give the couple a lift and ordered them to sit on the front row and join the new couple. Then, Adele sang her 2008 song "Make You Feel My Love" for the newly engaged couple.

All in all, it was a beautiful moment, so check it out above.

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