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Kanye West Apologized To Kim Kardashian And Asked For Help

Kanye West Apologized To Kim Kardashian And Asked For Help

Kanye West became the main newsmaker of the week. The rapper, who has nominated himself for the US presidency, has already revealed that he and Kim Kardashian were considering an abortion when the Instagram star was pregnant with their first daughter North and also said that he has been trying to divorce for two years. Next, he decided to walk on Kris Jenner and forbade her to approach the children, so that she "did not drag them to a photoshoot for Playboy."

Kim initially refrained from comments, but after a consultation with PR specialists in Zoom decided to try to save her husband and reminded subscribers in Stories that he suffers from bipolar disorder and is now experiencing a severe crisis.

Kanye hasn't been in touch for several days. At first, everyone thought that Kim and Chris had put him in a psychiatric hospital, but Justin Bieber denied this speculation. He shared a picture with the rapper, and it turned out that Kanye was hiding on a ranch in Wyoming all this time. This is where the rapper often went in search of inspiration when he needed to take a break from his family and record a couple of new tracks.

We are afraid to assume whether Bieber's visit inspired him, but the next day Kanye publicly apologized to Kim. "I would like to apologize to my wife Kim for sharing all the details of our personal life. I never protected her the way she did for me. I know I hurt you. Please forgive me. Thank you for always being there for me, " the artist tweeted.

An hour after the post was published, an ambulance was seen at the ranch. The doctors left a couple of hours later, but alone: neighbors of the rapper reported that he, after the visit of doctors for a long time, dissected the fields on a Quad bike.

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