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Telegram Is Testing The Video Call Feature On iOS

Telegram Is Testing The Video Call Feature On iOS

Telegram messenger has started testing video calls, which are available only with the new update of the app on iOS.

Earlier, the appearance of video calls in Telegram drew attention to the portal "Durov Code," which described the scheme for activating the function.

First, you need to download the latest version of Telegram via the AppStore (as of July 26, version 6.3). After downloading the new version of the app, click the settings icon ten times, and open the debug menu (debug menu, developer toolbar). In this menu, you need to select the Experimental Feature function ("experimental functions"), after which the user will be able to make a video call. For the video call to work, this sequence must be performed by everyone who wants to use this function.

In General, the new update also allows you to install a video instead of a static profile photo, as well as increased limits on sending files in the app, improved the "people near" service, and added group statistics for their owners.

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