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Trump Hardly Left The White House For A Month

Trump Hardly Left The White House For A Month

Donald Trump said that he almost did not leave his residence in Washington after the outbreak of coronavirus infection in the country.

"I was advised not to travel. I have been in the White House for a month," the US leader told reporters at a briefing on April 17.

According to him, he only left the territory of the residence once to take part in an event to send the US Navy Ship Comfort to New York for 1 thousand beds against the background of the deteriorating situation with coronavirus in the state.

In addition, trump expressed a desire to return to his campaign as soon as possible. And the day before, he announced that the US has already overcome the peak of the coronavirus outbreak.

Currently, the United States ranks first in the world in the number of infected with coronavirus — more than 700 thousand and in the number of deaths more than 37 thousand.

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