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Russia Won A Dispute In The WTO Against The EU On The Method Of Determining Prices

Russia Won A Dispute In The WTO Against The EU On The Method Of Determining Prices

The arbitration panel of the World Trade Organization (WTO) recognized as justified the primary claims of Russia to the European Union (EU) on the method of determining the price of goods and anti-dumping measures. The corresponding report of the sport's referees is available on the WTO website on July 24.

The court agreed that the price of energy in the final cost of Russian products was "artificially" lowered. However, the arbitration did not agree with Russia's view that the EU's basic anti-dumping rules for determining the "normal" price of goods do not comply with the WTO agreements.

"The arbitration group has satisfied Russia's key claims. We hope that the EU will implement the decision in good faith and promptly. This will significantly improve the conditions for access of Russian goods to the EU market, eliminating the "historical" discrimination of Russian manufacturers during anti-dumping investigations of the EU," Maxim Reshetnikov, head of the Russian Ministry of economic development.

Five years ago, Russia initiated a dispute with the EU in the WTO over the introduction by Brussels of duties for Russian producers of welded pipes, while at the same time canceling such duties on pipes from Ukraine, and other claims related to anti-dumping measures against ammonium nitrate. The lawsuits were combined into one case.

In early June, the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov noted that Russia's exit from the world trade organization is currently impractical, since joining the organization was very difficult and Moscow expects to get maximum results from this.

Last November, the state Duma declared that Russia would seek to preserve the WTO as a guarantor of fair, non-discriminatory, and effective international trade.

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