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Poor New Yorkers Who Died From Covid-19 Are Buried In Mass Graves

Poor New Yorkers Who Died From Covid-19 Are Buried In Mass Graves

Poor new Yorkers who died of coronavirus are buried in mass graves on deserted HART Island, the Washington Post writes on April 17.

The publication notes that unclaimed corpses have been delivered there for a long time, but since the beginning of the epidemic, the number of burials in mass graves has increased five times.

The island buries low-income new Yorkers or those whose relatives can't be found, or if they can't afford a funeral.

A video posted on YouTube shows that three trenches are being dug on the island, and people in protective suits are piling three coffins on top of each other.

The publication notes that due to the coronavirus, New York, which has become one of the epicenters of the epidemic in the United States, faced a shortage of places in morgues.

At the same time, City Council member and Chairman of the health Committee mark Levine even allowed the option of starting the burial of the dead in city parks.

Due to the high number of deaths from coronavirus, funeral homes in New York are overloaded. As a result, the medical examiner's office announced that the bodies unclaimed within 15 days will be buried on HART Island. Thus, the deceased risks ending up in an unmarked mass grave if the family does not manage to organize the funeral in time.

Currently, the United States ranks first in the number of infected (more than 700 thousand) and in the number of deaths from COVID-19: more than 37 thousand.

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