After He Posted A Video Of Him Killing AOC And Joe Biden, Even Paul Gosars Sister Has Called Him A Sociopath

After He Posted A Video Of Him Killing AOC And Joe Biden, Even Paul Gosars Sister Has Called Him A S ...

The Republican Party has always had a sick obsession with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, not the least being her fellow Republicans. Marjorie Taylor Greene has harmed the New York representative, even stalking her outside of her office. But Paul Gosar may have gone too far. AOC had an outraged response to the tweet, which could have put Goses in serious danger. His own sister, who is slain in the head, also reacted with angriness.

"Does he have to act on it himself before we believe that... 'he's not a sociopath?" asks Jennifer Gosar, Paul Goaar'' sister.

Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) (#adupara) (9 November 2021) AaronRupar

Jennifer Gosar, the representatives youngest brother, was interviewed on MSNBC and it is clear she does not value her older brother as much as her younger sister.

I am absolutely beyond aghast at how much this man has gotten away with, she said. ...I dont know what he would need to do for any one of those people in quote a leadership position to hold him accountable, a spokesperson said on the subject.

She said, No one, no one holds him accountable. Not Kevin McCarthy, not Mitch McConnell, or [ed. former] Senate Leader Mitcher McConenell; not Senate President Chuck Schumer; nor Speaker Nancy Pelosi; and not Attorney General Merrick Garland. She added, "Nobody, nobody holds his accountability."

Paul Gosars sister was not only concerned about him posting violent videos of him murdering his colleagues, but also that there was evidence that he was part of a conspiracy to commit treason against the United States of America.

Jennifer also addressed the matter on CNN in June, telling Anderson Cooper that she believes my brother was an organizer of, or part-organizer of [the insurrection], and I have no evidence to the contrary to suggest anything different.

Rep. Paul Gosar's sister tells CNN that she "absolutely" believes that her brother is partly responsible for the Jan. 6 insurrection.

"I do still believe my brother was an organizer of, or a part-organizer of,"

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Sure enough, Paul played a significant role in Rolling Stones excellent report on how several Trump supporters reportedly played major roles in the lead up to the Jan. 6 Capitol siege, offering organizers 'a blanket pardon' for anything they may do in order to overturn the 2020 election,' according to people who are cooperating with the bipartisan committee into the fateful day. Gosar, who has spent the past 10 months trying to work up the far-right mob over the shooting death of insurrectionist

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