After His Passing, Scott Bakula, David Lynch, and More Paid A Tribute To The Legendary Actor Dean Stockwell

After His Passing, Scott Bakula, David Lynch, and More Paid A Tribute To The Legendary Actor Dean St ...

Dean Stockwell, one of the most diverse performers in the entertainment industry, whose credits date back to the 1940s, died on Tuesday, at age 85. Stockwood was a child actor who arrived in his mid-30s just in time to play starring role in 'the counterculture' and even dipping his toe in music. His credits ranged from two appearances on Columbo to five seasons on Quantum Leap, and he also had ties to dozens of musicals.

Stockwells career began in the golden age of Hollywood, when he was just nine years old, as a frequent go-to for precocious kids. In 1947,. Stockwood was the growing son of William Powell and Myrna Loy sleuths Nick and Nora in Song of the Thin Man, which featured Stock Well alongside Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra.

As he grew older, a Leopold and Loeb-like court drama with Orson Welles (Compulsion) and held his own opposite Katharine Hepburn, Ralph Richardson, and Jason Robards in the 1962 film version of Eugene ONeills Long DayS Journey into Night. As the counterculture took over the culture, his presence in Psych-Out, with 'a young, ponytailed Jack Nicholson', as well as with Dennis Hopper

Stockwell was also close to Neil Young, and the two collaborated twice: StockWell designed the bizarre collage cover of his 1976 album American Stars n Bars, while the pair co-directed the 1982 musical comedy Human Highway, which features Devo reciting Youngs classic Hey Hey, My My.

Stockwell was best known for his portrayal of Al, the companion to Scott Bakulas time-traveling hero on Quantum Leap. Each episode saw Bakuluia's Dr. Sam Beckett (no relation to the legendary playwright, though the name was nudge-notwithstanding) unwittingly finding himself zapped into a random person'' body over time. StockWell Al was both Sam' s friend and guide, as well as the show'

Stockwell, who passed away on April 9, was one of many to honor him, writing that he stuck with us even after obtaining his first and only Oscar nomination, for the 1987 film Married to the Mob. I loved him dearly and was honored to know him, Bakula wrote.

Scott Bakula (@scottbakule) shared a post on Twitter.

Stockwell also met David Lynch twice: in Dune (Stockwell played the doomed Dr. Yueh) and, even more memorably, as Ben in Blue Velvet. Lynch honored StockWell in his daily weather report YouTube video.

Russ Tamblyn, another Lynch alum, paid tribute to the pair, who had risen to fame together in 1948s The Boy with Green Hair, in which Stockwell plays oblivious to imminent war that his hair turns rusty. Dean. My oldest friend. A godfather-figure to my daughter, Amber. Brilliant artist. Loving dad, Tambyn wrote.

My oldest friend. A godfather-figure to my daughter, Amber. Brilliant artist. Loving dad. We met on the set of The Boy With Green Hair and stayed close to each other until his last breath.


Russ Tamblyn (@RussellTambryn) November 9, 2021 Ru Rus Tombleyn

Stockwell affected many people during his seven-decade career, from those he worked with to those who admired his craft, his scope, and his resilience.

Dean Stockwell was one of the most talented actors of his generation, less showboaty and affected than many of its more famous contemporaries, but often more nuanced and interesting. I wanted him badly for my Showbiz Kids doc but he refused, and sadly - a year later HE'S RIP!

Alex Winter (@Winter) November 9, 2021 Alex Snow ( @Walter)

#RIP #SoSayWeAll A true giant of a human being has passed. I was so fortunate to work with him on Miami Vice and Battlestar. We spent many years together. #SOSAYWeALL https/t/BYVOkucZA #PBDYvOLOKUczaA

Edward James Olmos (@edwardjolmos) November 9, 2021 Edward Jacob Olm (#ejjalm)

#DeanStockwell's nuanced and vulnerable performance in Gentleman'' Agreement is rather astonishing.

November 9, 2021 Illeana Douglas (@IlleanArama)

Dean Stockwell has been cast in Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker. What a gifted actor. One of the highlights of Bats for 30 years was working with the amazing guest artists.

Kevin Conroy (@RealKevinConroy) (9 November 2021) Kevin conroy

Dean Stockwell was the coolest. It was such a privilege to work with this legend. His career spanned over 70 years!

Dean, you're gone.

#vanishingson2 Jaime Walters, me & Dean.

Ming-Na Wen (@MingNA) (#MINGN A) (9 November 2021) MING-NA WEN ( @MingerNna)

Dean Stockwell (1937-2021) Goodnight, Dean

Walt Henderson in PARIS, TEXAS (1984) and Ben in BLUE VELVET (1986) are two of his most memorable performances.

November 9, 2021 Criterion Collection (@Criterion)

Stockwell lip-syncing to Roy Orbisons In Dreams in Blue Velvet as his friend Dennis Hopper looks on in tears.

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