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Amber Heard: Johnny Depp Pushed Kate Moss Down The Stairs

Amber Heard: Johnny Depp Pushed Kate Moss Down The Stairs

Johnny Depp is set to restore a tarnished reputation with a libel suit against British tabloids. And his ex-wife Amber heard, who is a witness in the case, intends to prevent him from doing so at any cost. So far, to no avail: Amber has already been accused of falsifying evidence and stealing a personal history of raping an assistant, which she passed off as her own.

At one of the sessions, the actor was defended by his former lovers, Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder. Both women submitted written statements to the court stating that their image of johnny does not match what heard represents him.

But the actress decided that the former companions are covering for Depp. At the new session, Amber revealed that she knows from a trusted source that model Kate moss was abused by an ex-boyfriend. Heard admitted that she did not learn about this from the victim herself. "Johnny pushed Kate moss down the stairs, I heard it from two people," Amber said.

Johnny Depp's lawyer immediately reacted to heard's testimony. Eleanor Lawes said that the actress had never previously mentioned the story about moss anywhere. Depp's representative suggested that it was an improvisation under oath.

Amber added that all the years of her marriage to Depp, she was his "punching bag." "I don't have as much free time, space, or energy to list all the incidents that have occurred," Amber is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

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