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AI Has Learned To Create Realistic Stories, Dialogues, And Characters For Games

AI Has Learned To Create Realistic Stories, Dialogues, And Characters For Games

Author of the text role-playing game in the fantasy genre AI Dungeon Nick Walton told about an experiment to translate his project to an artificial intelligence system. According to him, in the new version of the game, "one of the most powerful AI models in the world" is fully responsible for storytelling, user interaction, creating dialogues, and even characters.

The AI version of AI Dungeon is based on a self-learning algorithm for writing GPT-3 texts. Its development is led by OpenAI — a non-profit organization that has declared its goal to create a human-friendly artificial intelligence. Among its creators is the head of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk.

What makes GPT-3 special is that it can create meaningful text with only a few sentences as input. The model used in the AI Dungeon was trained on more than 175 billion parameters (and 570 gigabytes of text), while "smart" assistants like Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri — only a couple of hundred million. The database for GPT-3 consists of the full English-language Wikipedia, the Common Crawl open library, and other data sets.

In the AI version of AI Dungeon, users can enter any commands without restrictions — the system will respond to them and adapt the game world according to the new context. If desired, you can completely change the fantasy to another genre.

However, to evaluate the capabilities of the computer "mind," you need to be proficient in English. You can play the free 7-day trial version of AI Dungeon with AI at this link.

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