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Microsoft Showed The Office Interface Of The Future

Microsoft Showed The Office Interface Of The Future

Microsoft continues to improve the design of the user interface for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint included in the Office Suite. Over the past two years, these programs have been designed in accordance with the principles of "fluid" design (fluid Design), included a dark theme and completely redrawn icons.

According to John Friedman, Vice President of design and research at Microsoft, in the future, Office designers will focus even more on simplifying the interface. "The next wave of changes in the experience with Microsoft 365 will go even further, dim the colors of brands from app titles and open up adaptive management capabilities," he said." this will allow you to move the simplified toolbar around the screen — where it is most convenient, and the necessary commands will be displayed sequentially, depending on the context."

According to Friedman, the company is also rethinking the" ribbon " interface of Office, which appeared in 2007 and was originally conceived for desktops. However, in an era when users are no longer tied to a single device, this element may seem too cumbersome. In the future, it will be replaced by a new panel that will offer only the most appropriate commands and actions and not all the tools at once. This will "reduce your mental workload and focus on the task at hand, whether you're on the subway with your smartphone, on the couch with your tablet, or at your computer," Friedman said.

In addition, later versions of Office will add a centralized search or command bar. According to a Microsoft representative, "office" applications will begin to gradually transform in the next year or two.

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