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Apple Will Hand Out Special iPhones To Hackers

Apple Will Hand Out Special iPhones To Hackers

Apple has decided to offer cybersecurity specialists a special version of the iPhone that will make it easier to find vulnerabilities in the company's software and hardware. Previously, "white hackers" complained that the closeness of Apple gadgets does not allow them to do their job, as a result, putting at risk the security of users — for which iPhone owners are initially denied access to the system at a low level.

In the past, Apple representatives sometimes went so far as to deny, for example, the very possibility of infecting the company's computers with viruses. But in recent years, by making cybersecurity and privacy one of the key messages in iPhone marketing, Apple has begun to connect with a community of researchers looking for vulnerabilities in its devices — but often unable to get to the bottom of the problem due to operating system restrictions.

Last year, the head of security at Apple, Ivan Krstic, speaking at the Black Hat hacker conference, not only promised a million dollars for hacking the iOS core, but also said that the company would release a special version of the iPhone for "white hackers." The day before, the company announced that they are starting to issue such devices to experienced and proven researchers who meet the requirements of the OS Security Research Device program.

"Hacker" iPhone differs in the presence of SSH access, and a special superuser console for running custom commands with maximum access to the smartphone's hardware writes TechCrunch. Researchers will also get debugging tools that will make it easier to run the code they created and help them better understand what is happening in the iPhone "under the hood."

At the same time, the company emphasizes that even if such an iPhone falls into the hands of an attacker as a result of loss or theft, it will not harm users of conventional devices.

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