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Tesla Accuses Rivian Of Stealing Data That Is A Trade Secret

Tesla Accuses Rivian Of Stealing Data That Is A Trade Secret

The American company Tesla, which produces cars with electric motors, accused the theft of its development firm Rivian, specializing in the same field. The lawsuit was filed in the electronic database of the court in the US district of Santa Clara in the state of California.

The statement of claim claims that Rivian actively employed specialists who were previously employees of Tesla. Representatives of Rivian allegedly told them which Tesla developments they were most interested in. Tesla regards this as an attempt on the part of Rivian to "steal information that is a trade secret." The document focuses on the fact that ex-employees of Tesla, performing such requests, violate the agreement on non-disclosure of information.

According to the plaintiffs, at least four specialists who previously worked at Tesla "received extremely valuable confidential information" before moving to Rivian. Several ex-Tesla employees are listed as defendants.

As follows from the document, Rivian, in particular, received drawings of Tesla, as well as documents related to the organization of labor in the company, methods of finding new employees, payroll. The plaintiffs reported that about 70 Rivian employees came directly from Tesla. Twenty-two of them have done so in the past four months.

Tesla's lawyers are pushing for a jury trial. They are seeking the return of all confidential materials related to Tesla that Rivian allegedly received. The plaintiffs also expect to pay compensation, the amount of which must be determined by the court.

Rivian was founded in 2009. Its head office is located in the American city of Plymouth (Michigan). Tesla was founded in 2003 and is based in Palo Alto, California.

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