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Biden Calls Trump The First Racist President In US History

Biden Calls Trump The First Racist President In US History

The most likely Democratic candidate in the upcoming presidential election, Joseph Biden, called the incumbent US President Donald Trump the first racist to lead the United States.

During an online meeting with voters on Wednesday, the former Vice President agreed with the opinion of one of the participants, who expressed concern that Trump is trying to blame the emergence and spread of the coronavirus on China and calls the coronavirus a "Chinese virus." Biden added that Trump "judges people by their skin color, nationality, country of origin, and it's absolutely disgusting."

"No current President has ever done this," the politician added. — Neither a Republican nor a Democrat. We had racists, and they tried to become presidents. He was the first to do it." According to Biden, the President's actions "divide the country."

Journalists asked Trump to comment on the statements of his potential rival in the November elections during a press conference held later on Wednesday. In response, Trump claimed that he "did more for black Americans than anyone else, with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln."

Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson called Biden's statements "an insult to the intelligence of black voters." She recalled that the democratic candidate himself once told how successfully he once worked with senators who supported segregation. Finally, a representative of Biden's campaign staff, Simona Sanders, admitted that the current President cannot be the first racist in the presidential office, because the US presidents throughout history have been not only people who openly supported segregation, but also slaveholders. "But Trump stands out even among them, especially in recent history, because he has made racism and dividing people his Trump card," she added.

The death of an African-American man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis at the end of May after his arrest by police provoked mass protests and riots and drew increased attention to the problem of combating racism in the United States.

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