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US Scientists Have Calculated The Real Level Of Coronavirus Incidence

US Scientists Have Calculated The Real Level Of Coronavirus Incidence

The number of people infected with coronavirus can be ten times higher than the official statistics, according to the conclusion of American scientists whose work is published on the medRxiv portal.

The study is based on the analysis of data from Santa Clara County in Northern California, which has become one of the hotbeds of SARS-COV-2.

By testing 3,3 thousand volunteers for antibodies to the coronavirus, scientists decided to find out how many people could have become infected with COVID-19 and not even know about it.

It turned out that the antibodies were present in 2.5-4.2% of the district's population. That is, approximately 48-81 thousand people could have been sick with the coronavirus.

At the same time, the official number of infected people in Santa Clara is 50-85 times less than these figures.

According to one of the authors of the study, Stanford University Professor Jay Bhattacharya, the work of scientists can also give the clearest picture of mortality.

He noted that if the number of cases is really ten times higher, and the number of deaths corresponds to the announced data, then the mortality rate from COVID-19 is quite small.

On April 17, an immunologist from France, Professor Jean-Laurent Casanova, spoke about the possible causes of severe coronavirus in young people without chronic diseases. According to him, such cases are rare and inexplicable.

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