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Nobel Laureate Pointed To The Artificial Origin Of The Coronavirus

Nobel Laureate Pointed To The Artificial Origin Of The Coronavirus

French virologist Luc Montagnier, the 2008 Nobel prize winner, stated that the coronavirus has a laboratory origin. According to him, COVID-19 contains HIV particles.

Montagnier called the information about the infection of people with coronavirus from wild animals a beautiful legend, which, however, has no relation to reality. The virus was created in a Wuhan laboratory, he said in an interview with the French portal Pourquoi Docteur. published on April 16.

The virus has been developed since the early 2000s, CNews quotes Montagnier. According to him, he was not the first to study the virus genome and found its connection with the human immunodeficiency virus. Earlier, a group of Indian scientists tried to publish a similar study. This may have happened when trying to create a vaccine that protects against HIV, the scientist said.

On April 16, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhang Lijun, commenting on publications about the possible artificial origin of the virus, said that this theory is not supported by evidence. Also, many reputable doctors do not share this opinion, the diplomat stressed.

Montagnier won the Nobel prize in 2008 for a 1983 paper on a virus that researchers called LAV (a virus associated with lymphadenopathy), now known as HIV. The award was received with mixed reviews in the scientific community since the same virus was discovered by the American Robert Gallo around the same time. Besides, in 2017, 100 members of the French Academy of Sciences criticized Montagnier's statements against vaccination and demanded that the Medical Board impose sanctions on him.

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