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Beijing Called On The US To Immediately Stop Denigrating China On Cybersecurity Issues

Beijing Called On The US To Immediately Stop Denigrating China On Cybersecurity Issues

China calls on the United States to immediately stop discrediting the PRC on cybersecurity issues. So the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, on Wednesday commented on the statement of the US Department of justice that two alleged Chinese hackers allegedly committed cyberattacks on American companies, including the developers of the coronavirus vaccine.

"We call on the American side to immediately stop discrediting China on the issue of cybersecurity," Wang Wenbin said at a regular briefing. According to the diplomat, " China has always been in favor of ensuring cybersecurity." He also pointed out that "maintaining peace and stability in cyberspace is in the interests of all countries of the world." "Cyberspace should not become a new theater of war," he concluded.

On Tuesday, the US Justice Department accused two unnamed hackers from China of stealing trade know-how worth hundreds of millions of dollars from various companies, including developers of a coronavirus vaccine.

According to the published document, two alleged hackers for about 10 years allegedly attacked companies in different countries to gain access to developments in the field of high technology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, business, education, gaming, solar energy and defense, and recently, as stated in the statement, they were able to "identify vulnerabilities in the computer networks of companies that develop vaccines, control methods and medicines for coronavirus."

Each of the alleged hackers has been charged with 11 counts. According to one of the authors of the indictment, Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) David Bowdich, "cyber attacks carried out at the behest of the Chinese government intelligence services threaten not only the United States but also other countries."

On Tuesday, the leader of the Republican minority of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy (from California), officially introduced a bill that provides for the introduction of sanctions against foreign hackers who, according to Washington, are trying to get data on the development of a coronavirus vaccine in the US. The Defend COVID Research from Hackers Act ("on protecting COVID research from hackers"), in particular, provides for the introduction of sanctions "against foreigners who threaten the national security, foreign policy, public health, economic stability and financial stability of the United States."

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