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Gazprom Has Signed Contracts For The Supply Of Pipes For Almost 100 Billion Rubles

Gazprom Has Signed Contracts For The Supply Of Pipes For Almost 100 Billion Rubles

Gazprom Invest concluded five contracts for the supply of pipes for almost 100 billion rubles based on the results of the purchase, according to data on the state procurement website.

In early June, Gazprom invest announced a tender for the supply of 1.3 million tons of large-diameter pipes. The maximum initial purchase price was 98 billion rubles. According to the purchase documentation, the delivery of pipes to Gazprom invest's bases in Ukhta, Buguruslan, Ryzdvyan, and Romanovo is planned for the period from March 30, 2020, to December 31, 2022.

The RBC publication quoted sources as saying that the supply was divided between five companies. The largest supplier was United Metallurgical Company (OMK), with a 35% share. Namely,a Severstal (25%), CHTPZ and TMK (15% each), and Zagorsk pipe plant (10%). CHTPZ and ZTZ officially confirmed their shares in deliveries to TASS.

Later, the FAS announced complaints about the purchase of Gazprom. One complaint was filed by LLC "prosperity," the second came from an individual. Gazprom, in turn, called them unfounded. "The practice of filing complaints by companies, and especially individuals, whose rights and interests can not be affected in any way by the purchase, is only an attempt to disrupt the implementation of major investment projects," the company said.

Following the review of complaints, Mikhail Evraev, the Deputy head of the FAS, told about the identified technical violations that did not affect the rights of participants and will be eliminated at the conclusion of the contract. On July 15, Gazprom appealed the order of the Antimonopoly service to the Moscow Arbitration court.

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