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The longest rainy season since the turn of the century has ended in Shanghai

The longest rainy season since the turn of the century has ended in Shanghai

The prolonged rainy season ended in Shanghai on Tuesday., the local weather service reported. This year, it lasted 42 days, which was a record since the beginning of the century.

In the rainy season, accompanied not only by constant high humidity but also stifling heat, the city officially entered on June 9-eight days earlier than usual. According to the latest data from the weather service of Shanghai, during this period, the amount of precipitation that fell on the city reached a level of 533 mm, which is almost two and a half times higher than the average norm for this time of year.

After the rainy season in Shanghai comes the time of summer heat, when the temperature can exceed 40 degrees Celsius on some days.

In 2019, the rainy season was also declared the longest since the beginning of the XXI century. According to official data, it lasted 33 days. The absolute record since meteorological observations began in 1875 was set in 1954 when the rainy season in Shanghai lasted 58 days.

In 2019, the metropolis experienced the hottest and rainiest summer in the last hundred years. The rainy season lasted for 33 days and during this time, precipitation fell twice as high as normal. Abnormal weather was also observed last winter, which was also the warmest in almost a hundred years. The average air temperature then was 8.9 degrees Celsius. Since the beginning of meteorological observations, this was the first winter when the thermometer did not fall below zero.

Last year, Shanghai experienced four typhoons, including two super typhoons: Linlin and Lekima. This summer, the metropolis is expected to have two or three strong tropical cyclones. The air temperature will also be slightly higher than normal in the summer. Forecasters predict 12 to 21 days with an average temperature of over 35 degrees Celsius.

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