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Thai Authorities Will Extend Visa Amnesty For Stranded Foreigners Until September 26

Thai Authorities Will Extend Visa Amnesty For Stranded Foreigners Until September 26

The Thai government has approved the third automatic extension of several visa categories for foreigners who continue to stay in the Kingdom due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a press-the Secretary of the government of Treasury Disarankan.

"The automatic extension of foreigners' stay in the Kingdom, which expires on July 31, will last until September 26," she said. Taisarankun added that for the same period, the mandatory provision of 90-day reporting with proof of residence address by foreigners is suspended.

This measure should help travelers stranded in Thailand due to travel restrictions imposed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic to legally stay in the country. The document is expected to take effect as soon as it is published in the government's Royal Thai Government Gazette.

On April 8, the Thai authorities automatically extended legal stay in the country to people who entered the Kingdom on visas, visas on arrival, or stamps, whose stay permit expired on March 26, until April 30. Later, the visa Amnesty was extended immediately for three months-until July 31.

Besides, foreigners with resident visas who normally reside in Thailand but cannot return to the Kingdom due to the coronavirus were allowed to extend their mandatory return period until the pandemic is over.

In Thailand, the first case of coronavirus infection was detected on January 13. On March 22, the largest increase in infected people was registered - 188 people. To date, the total number of people infected in the Kingdom has exceeded 3.2 thousand, more than 3 thousand people have been cured, 58 have died. Since May 26, there have been no cases of transmission within the country.

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