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The Chinese Foreign Ministry Denied Rumors About Upcoming Sanctions Against Nokia And Ericsson

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Denied Rumors About Upcoming Sanctions Against Nokia And Ericsson

Information that the Chinese authorities allegedly plan to impose sanctions on European telecommunications companies, Nokia and Ericsson, is not true, according to a briefing by the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin.

"This information is absolutely not based on anything, it is a malicious fabrication of fake news, you can carefully read the source and place of publication of this message, "Wang Wenbin was quoted as saying by the Quanqiu Shibao newspaper. According to him, the purpose of spreading such untruthful information is an attempt to undermine good relations between China and the EU.

He noted that "China remains open to telecommunications companies from different countries, including Nokia, Ericsson, and other European enterprises, to cooperate with China in the 5G market." "I hope that European countries will also be able to provide a fair, fair, open, and non - discriminatory business environment for Chinese companies," Wang Wenbin added.

On July 20, the Wall Street Journal newspaper, citing its sources, reported that the Chinese Ministry of Commerce is allegedly considering the possibility of imposing restrictive measures against the Finnish company Nokia and the Swedish company Ericsson if the European Union Member States, following the US and the UK, begin to prevent the use of Chinese Huawei equipment for creating 5G wireless networks.

On July 14, the British government announced that it intends to abandon Huawei equipment in the national communications infrastructure. From December 31, British operators will not be able to purchase 5G products from this manufacturer, and by 2027 it will be replaced by analogs of other enterprises. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying promised that Beijing would firmly protect the interests of its national companies.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly warned the UK leadership that the Kingdom's cooperation with Huawei allegedly threatens national security. The American side also pointed out that the use of Chinese Corporation equipment in the British communications infrastructure may make it difficult to exchange information through the Five Eyes Alliance, which includes the special services of Australia, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.

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