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Tower Of London Fires Guards For The First Time In 500 Years Due To Financial Problems

Tower Of London Fires Guards For The First Time In 500 Years Due To Financial Problems

The tower of London for the first time in more than 500 years decided to dismiss some of its guards (Beefeaters) due to financial problems due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the organization Historic Royal Palaces (HRP), which manages this historic fortress on the North Bank of the Thames, due to lack of funds, it has no choice but to reduce the staff of 37 guards, the Evening Standard newspaper reported on Tuesday.

They were asked to leave on a reduction with the receipt of severance pay; two Beefeaters have already submitted applications for retirement. The previous reduction in the tower, according to the publication, was noted in 1485 during the reign of the first king of the Tudor dynasty - Henry VII (1457-1509). "The closure of tourist attractions for almost four months has taken a devastating blow to our finances, and we simply have no choice but to reduce our payroll costs," HRP Chief Executive John Barnes admitted.

For centuries, guards have watched over prisoners and guarded the jewels and regalia of the Royal family. However, as time passed, their duties became purely ceremonial. They, in particular, serve as guides.

The tower reopened to the public on July 10, but due to social distancing and other security rules, less than a thousand visitors visit the fortress daily.

The UK is one of the countries most affected by a coronavirus, primarily in terms of the number of deaths. According to the Ministry of Health, more than 295 thousand people were infected in the Kingdom, of which more than 45 thousand died.

On May 13, the first phase of easing the quarantine began in the UK, and on June 1, the second phase began. Schools were partially reopened, and some shops and markets were opened. On June 15, most non-food stores opened, as well as zoos and movie theaters for motorists. On July 4, the third and largest stage of lifting the quarantine started: restaurants, cafes, and pubs began accepting visitors, hairdressers, hotels, libraries, churches, cinemas, and museums resumed their work. Since July 13, beauty salons have been operating in the country, and from July 25, fitness clubs and swimming pools will start working.

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