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Israeli Air Force Helicopters Attacked The Southern Districts Of Damascus

Israeli Air Force Helicopters Attacked The Southern Districts Of Damascus

Israel has twice attacked positions of Pro-Iranian armed groups in the southern districts of Damascus, according to the Saudi TV channel Al Hadath. According to the channel, the night attack involved helicopters of the Israeli air force, which struck the command post of Shiite groups "Hezbollah," fighting on the side of the Syrian army.

At least five Pro-Iranian fighters were killed in the night RAID, Al Hadath said. According to him, during the Israeli attack from the air, another four members of the Pro-Iranian armed groups were injured.

Helicopters joined the operation after a rocket attack on the suburbs of al-Kiswa and Sakhnaya, where Pro-Iranian forces are concentrated camps and weapons depots. The attack was launched by Israel from the occupied Golan heights.

Earlier, the command of the armed forces of the Arab Republic reported that air defense means repelled an Israeli missile attack on the southern outskirts of Damascus. A communique transmitted by the Sana News Agency indicated that seven Syrian soldiers were injured as a result of the enemy attack, as well as material damage. "Israel launched a series of rocket attacks on the southern districts of Damascus," the document noted. "Syrian anti-aircraft gunners hit most of the missiles before they reached ground targets."

As al Hadath TV channel pointed out, the Israeli attack was aimed at preventing an upcoming armed attack by Hezbollah from Syrian territory. The press service of the Israel Defense Forces declined to comment on reports of a missile strike in the Damascus area.

On 24 June, the Israeli air force attacked the positions of Syrian troops and Shiite militias in Salmiya and al-Subbur, East of the provincial center of Hama (220 km from Damascus). The airstrikes targeted an army position in the area of Salkhad in the southern province of As-Suwayda. As a result, two soldiers were killed, and four others were injured. Aircraft struck ground targets while in the sky to the East and northeast of Palmyra. Missiles were also fired at military installations in the province of Deir Ez-Zor and the oasis of al-Sukhna. There was no information about the dead or injured soldiers.

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