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Republicans Have Called On Trump To Take Action In Response To Cyberattacks From China

Republicans Have Called On Trump To Take Action In Response To Cyberattacks From China

A group of Republican congressmen on Monday sent a letter to US President Donald Trump calling for action against "China-linked hackers," including by imposing sanctions.

"We welcome your administration's efforts to step up investigations into these cybercriminals and bring them to justice. To send a clear message to the PRC, however, we also encourage you to consider using your authority to impose sanctions against hackers associated with the PRC, as your administration has repeatedly done with other foreign citizens," - according to the letter sent to the head of the White House by the senior Republican of The house foreign Affairs Committee, Michael Mccaul (from Texas), as well as senior Republicans of the energy and trade Committee and the financial services Committee, Greg Walden (from Oregon) and Patrick McHenry (from North Carolina).

According to congressmen, China "for many years "carried out cyberattacks against" Americans, financial institutions and even the US government itself." However, Washington, in their opinion, did not take effective retaliatory measures, hoping for "strengthening economic cooperation and deepening diplomatic ties" with Beijing; this, according to Republicans, was supposed to bring China closer to the "economic and political system" of the United States. "Unfortunately, the result was the opposite," they are convinced. As a result, China, in their opinion, now "threatens the US and international security."

Us intelligence agencies have repeatedly claimed that hackers from China are carrying out cyberattacks against the US. So, the FBI in May said that China is allegedly behind cyberattacks on American institutions engaged in research related to coronavirus, including the development of a vaccine. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian called the United States ' accusations "slander." According to the diplomat, "China is one of the States most affected by cyber-attacks" and stands "strongly against any form of cyberattacks."

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