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Trump Said That He Is Going To Resume Briefings On The Situation With The Coronavirus

Trump Said That He Is Going To Resume Briefings On The Situation With The Coronavirus

US President Donald Trump said on Monday that he plans to resume holding briefings with his participation in the situation with the coronavirus. His words are quoted by the White House press pool.

"When I conducted them, a large number of people watched them, they were record numbers," the American leader said. "This is a great way to convey information to the public," he believes.

"So I think we will do it, maybe starting tomorrow," Trump added.

Earlier, senior adviser to Trump Kellyanne Conway said that the American leader, in her opinion, should resume regular briefings on the situation with the coronavirus in the country. She noted that the approval rating of the President's actions in the fight against the pandemic was higher when he took part in such events.

In March and April, similar briefings were held at the White House almost daily. The main theme of these events, which sometimes lasted more than two hours, was the fight against coronavirus, but they often touched on other issues. The first few briefings were held without Trump's participation, but soon he began to appear at each of them.

On April 26, Trump wrote on Twitter that the briefings held in the White House with his participation are not worth the effort if the media distorts the statements of speakers. Before this, the Axios portal reported that many of the President's advisers recommended that he stop participating in these events, because, in their opinion, the too frequent appearance of the head of the White House at them is bad for his ratings before the election. After that, Trump stopped holding briefings.

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