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Apple Patents Control Of AR-Glasses With The Help Of Eyes

Apple Patents Control Of AR-Glasses With The Help Of Eyes

Apple has filled a petent for the technology to control AR-glasses with a glance. The system will detect the user's actions by eye movement, blinking, and focusing on a single point.

According to numerous leaks, the innovative Apple Glasses have been in development for more than three years and will soon be introduced to a mass audience. Apple and Foxconn have already started testing a prototype of AR glasses, and have also patented several technologies for controlling the gadget. The latest application is dedicated to a new way to control the gadget - control with a glance.

According to the description of the patent application, the Apple Glasses frame will not have a large set of keys, at most — a small touch panel and a power button to turn on and off the AR glasses. Apple Glasses owners will use their own eyes to interact with the rOS operating system, which will be displayed on the device's screen. For example, to close apps, you will need to look from the bottom of the display to the top, in the manner of the latest versions of the iOS and iPadOS interface. And if the user wants to select a specific item on the menu, they will have to blink or focus on the icon for a few seconds.

In addition, Apple will install a set of microphones and speakers in the frame to control using Siri. The voice assistant will be fully integrated into the Apple Glasses system and will be able to manage any programs.

The patent also describes eye calibration technology that will avoid false positives. At the moment of activation, the glasses will analyze the position of the eyes and fix the "initial position" for further interaction with the system.

This isn't the first time Apple has considered the human eye as an "input device." Last month, the company patented a set of sensors that track the movement of the eyes to focus on external objects. Apple notes that the development will find applications not only in Apple Glasses but also in other products of the ecosystem, including iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple TV.

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