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Renault Recorded Its Worst Sales Result Since 2009 In The First Half Of The Year

Renault Recorded Its Worst Sales Result Since 2009 In The First Half Of The Year

Sales of Renault cars in the first half of the year decreased by 34.9%; this is the worst first-half result since 2009 when the world was gripped by an economic crisis.

In the period from January to June inclusive, the Corporation managed to sell 1,256 thousand cars in the world. In the same period last year, the sales figure was at the level of 1,931 thousand vehicles. "With the Covid-19 pandemic context, Groupe Renault suspended sales and industrial activities in most countries from mid-March and saw its sales fall 34.9% to 1,256,658 units in the first half, in a market down 28.3%. The Group's sales volume decline was mainly due to its high exposure to countries that have undergone a strict lockdown," the Corporation said in a statement.

In particular, there is a sharp 46.2% drop in sales of the Dacia model, which in previous years brought the largest profit. Sales of this model amounted to 211,158 cars against the indicator of the first quarter of last year, almost 400 thousand cars.

The drop in sales in the European market reached minus 41.8% for Renault. Outside of European markets, the decline was 26.4%

At the same time, the Corporation pays attention to the special significance of the Russian market for it. "In Russia, the group's second-largest country by sales, the leader is Groupe Renault with a market share of 30.2%, which represents an increase of 1.4 percentage points (PP). Sales in Russia fell by 19.5% in the market, which as a whole declined by 23.3%. The market share of the Renault brand increased by 0.3 p. p. to 8.1%, " the statement also reads.

It reports that the Arkana model "confirmed its success, with more than 7,000 vehicles registered in the first half of the year, and created Renault positions in a completely new segment of coupe SUVs in Russia." The Lada model "confirms its position as the leading brand in the Russian market with a 20.8% share, to which it is necessary to add 1.3% for the Niva (AVTOVAZ) model, which was redesignated as Lada in July." According to the French automaker, "Lada Granta and Lada Vesta remain the two best-selling cars in Russia."

In the Chinese market, Renault sales, conducted through the Jinbei-Huasing brand, amounted to 70 thousand cars in the first half of the year.

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